Kondratowicz Transport



§ 1

  1. Consumer - a person who enters into a contract with the Service Provider as part of the Store, the subject of which is not directly related to its business or professional activity;

  2. Service Provider - legal form at the seat of Marcin Kondratowicz Transport, based in Olsztyn at al. Piłsudskiego 99, NIP: 7393116162, REGON: 280196629.

  3. Customer - any person who has concluded a contract with the Service Provider by placing an order.

  4. Service - assortment presented on the kondratowicztransport.pl website, which may be subject of a sale contract.

  5. Distance contract - contract concluded with the Customer as part of an organized system of concluding distance contracts, without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, with the sole use of one or more means of distance communication up to and including the conclusion of the contract;

  6. Regulations - the regulations of the Website https://kondratowicztransport.pl are also the regulations of road services by art. 8 section 1 point 1 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (consolidated text, Journal of Laws 2017, item 1219);

  7. Reservation - the Customer's declaration of will submitted via the Form and aimed directly at concluding the Product Sales Agreement with the Service Provider;

  8. Order form - an interactive form available on the Website, enabling the submission of a Reservation, including the method of delivery and payment;

  9. Sales Agreement - a contract for the sale of a Service being concluded or concluded between the Customer and the Service Provider via the Website;

  10. "Policy" - Privacy and cookie policy.

§ 2
General provisions

  1. The Regulations define the rules for the provision of electronic services by the Service Provider to customers, consisting in enabling them to: conclude online contracts for the sale of services included in the Website's offer for the prices indicated in the relevant subpages of the Website.

  2. The website sells online transport services.

  3. The Service Provider, to the fullest extent permitted by law, is not liable for any disruptions, including interruptions in the functioning of the Website caused by force majeure, unlawful actions of third parties or incompatibility of the Website with the Customer's technical infrastructure.

  4. The prices of the services included in the Website's assortment are expressed in Polish zlotys and include VAT. The Seller may modify the Website's offer, service prices, and carry out and cancel promotional campaigns. The changes do not affect the contracts for the sale of individual services already concluded with customers.

  5. Making a reservation on the Website may take place after providing full address details when making the reservation.

§ 3
Technical specifications

  1. To use the Website, it is not necessary to meet any specific technical conditions by the client's computer or other device. All you need is: Internet access, an e-mail address, a standard operating system and a web browser.

§ 4

  1. Address of the Service Provider's registered office Marcin Kondratowicz Transport, al. Piłsudskiego 99, 10-020 Olsztyn and the correspondence address: Marcin Kondratowicz Transport, al. Piłsudskiego 99, 10-020 Olsztyn.

  2. Seller's e-mail address: biuro@kondratowicztransport.pl

  3. Service Provider's telephone number: 600-955-422

  4. Service Provider's bank account number: 80 1090 2718 0000 0001 1664 2724 (SANTANDER BANK POLSKA)

  5. The Customer may communicate with the Service Provider using the addresses and telephone numbers provided in this paragraph

  6. The Customer may communicate by phone with the Service Provider between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. every day

§ 7
Payment methods offered

  1. The customer may use a transfer to the Service Provider's account

  2. Detailed information on payment methods and prices can be found on the website

§ 8
Completion sale agreement

  1. The conclusion of the Sales Agreement between the Customer and the Service Provider takes place after the Customer submits the Registration using the Form on the Website.

  2. After submitting the Reservation, the Service Provider immediately confirms its receipt. As soon as the Customer receives the e-mail, a Sales Agreement is concluded between the Customer and the Service Provider.

  3. If the Customer chooses to pay by bank transfer, the Customer is obliged to make the payment immediately, i.e. within 7 days from the date of the Sale Agreement. In the absence of payment to the indicated Seller's account within the prescribed period, the Reservation will be canceled.

  4. If the Customer does not inform the Service Provider 48 hours before the course being conducted on the cancellation of the reservation, the customer is obliged to pay the cost of the booked course within 14 days from the date of the course.

§ 9
Right of withdrawal

  1. The consumer may withdraw from the Sales Agreement within 14 days without giving any reason.

  2. The running of the time limit specified in sec. 1 begins with the cancellation of the booking.

  3. The consumer may withdraw from the Agreement by submitting a declaration of withdrawal from the Agreement to the Service Provider.

  4. Consequences of withdrawal from the Agreement:

    1. In the event of withdrawal from a Distance Agreement, the Agreement shall be considered void.

    2. In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement, the Service Provider shall immediately return the payments made by the Consumer, not later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Consumer's statement on withdrawal from the Agreement. The exception is the cancellation of the booking by the Customer 48 hours before the course, then the payment is not refunded.

    3. - The reimbursement will be made by the Seller using the same payment method that was used by the Consumer in the original transaction, unless the Consumer has expressly agreed to a different solution that will not involve any costs for him.

§ 10
Out of ourt ways of handling complaints and asserting claims

  1. Detailed information on the possibility for the Consumer to use extrajudicial means of dealing with complaints and redress as well as the rules of access to these procedures are available at the offices and on the websites of poviat (municipal) consumer ombudsmen, social organizations whose statutory tasks include consumer protection, Voivodeship Inspectorates of Inspection Handlowa and at the following internet addresses of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection:

    • http://www.uokik.gov.pl/spory_konsumenckie.php

    • http://www.uokik.gov.pl/sprawy_indywidualne.php

    • http://www.uokik.gov.pl/wazne_adresy.php.

  2. The consumer has the following exemplary possibilities of using extrajudicial means of dealing with complaints and redress:

    1. The consumer is entitled to apply to a permanent amicable consumer court, referred to in art. 37 of the Act of December 15, 2000 on the Trade Inspection (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1063 of May 31, 2017, as amended), with a request to settle a dispute arising from the Agreement concluded with the Seller.

    2. The consumer is entitled to apply to the provincial inspector of the Trade Inspection, in accordance with art. 36 of the Act of December 15, 2000 on the Trade Inspection (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1063 of May 31, 2017, as amended), with a request to initiate proceedings for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes regarding amicable end the dispute between the Consumer and the Service Provider.

    3. The consumer may obtain free assistance in resolving a dispute between him and the Seller, also using the free assistance of a poviat (municipal) consumer ombudsman or a social organization whose statutory tasks include consumer protection (including the Consumer Federation, Association of Polish Consumers).

    4. complaint via the EU ODR internet platform available at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

§ 11
Personal data

  1. The administrator of Customers' personal data collected via the Website is the Service Provider - Marcin Kondratowicz Transport.

  2. Customers' personal data collected by the Administrator via the Website is collected in order to implement the Sales Agreement.

  3. Personal data may be transferred to entities processing personal data at the request of the Administrator, i.e. IT service providers - for the purpose and to the extent necessary to place an order on the website https://kondratowicztransport.pl, to accept and execute booking orders, to an accounting office - for the purpose of and to the extent necessary to settle the transaction.

  4. The transfer of Customers' personal data to other entities takes place only if it is consistent with the purpose for which the data is collected by the Administration.

  5. Personal data is not transferred to third countries.

  6. The customer has the right to access their data and the right to withdraw consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing which was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

  7. Each data subject has the right to control the processing of data contained in the Administrator's data set, in particular the right to: request supplementing, updating, rectifying personal data, limiting data processing if the data is incomplete, out of date, untrue or has been collected in violation of the provisions rights.

  8. Each data subject has the right to transfer data to another Administrator who maintains a data set and processes data in an automated manner (without paper registers).

  9. Each data subject has the right to delete their data if the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or if the data subject has withdrawn consent to the processing of their data for the Administrator's marketing purposes and there is no other the basis for data processing or if the personal data has been processed unlawfully.

  10. Each data subject has the right to object to the processing of their data, which should be justified by the specific situation of the customer. The objection does not have to contain a justification when the processing is carried out solely for marketing purposes of the Administrator's own services or products. In order to exercise the rights referred to above, you can contact the Administrator by sending an appropriate message in writing or by e-mail to the Administrator's address indicated in the Privacy Policy.

  11. Any person who considers that the processing of their personal data violates the provisions of the GDPR has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection in Warsaw.

  12. Providing personal data is voluntary, but failure to provide the personal data indicated in the Regulations necessary to conclude a Sales Agreement results in the inability to conclude this contract.

§ 12
The amendment of the Rules of Procedure

  1. The Service Provider reserves the right to amend the Regulations at any time.

  2. Amendments to the Regulations come into force on the day of their publication on the Website.

  3. The amendment to the Regulations does not affect orders placed before the date of entry into force of such amendment.

  4. Provisions of sec. 1-3 above shall apply mutatis mutandis to the regulations of any promotions carried out on the Website.

  5. The Seller reserves the right to amend the Regulations for important reasons, that is: changes in the law, changes in payment and delivery methods - to the extent to which these changes affect the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations.

  6. Amendments to these Regulations are announced by posting the current content of the Regulations on the Website.

  7. The invalidity of any of the provisions of these Regulations does not invalidate its other provisions, which remain in full force and effect, nor does it invalidate the Sales Agreement concluded by the Parties.

Final provisions

  1. The online store, available at https://kondratowicztransport.pl, is established by Marcin Kondratowicz Transport based in Olsztyn at al. Piłsudskiego 99, postal code: 10-020 Olsztyn, NIP: 7393116162, REGON: 280196629;

  2. Agreements concluded via the Website are concluded in Polish.

  3. In matters not covered by these Regulations, generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular: the Civil Code; the act on the provision of electronic services; the Act on consumer rights, the regulation on the protection of personal data.

  4. The competent court to settle disputes between the Service Provider and the Consumer resulting from the implementation of the Sales Agreement will be the common court competent for the seat of the Seller.